John Brennan Confirmation Hearing, Addresses Drone Strikes

It’s CIA Director nominee John Brennan’s turn in the hot seat, as today’s confirmation hearing provides lawmakers with more info. about the Obama administration’s legal argument for drone strikes and other controversial national security methods. The primary contention, at least so far, is the objection over the administration’s refusal to address a classified drone strike document.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein brought up the document early in the hearing, asserting that “our staff was banned from seeing it.”

Feinstein tried to get Brennan to commit to, if confirmed, working to provide eight additional legal opinion about drone strikes.

The drone issue — particularly questions over the rationale the administration uses to order strikes on American citizens — was one of several emerging early in the Brennan hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee which Feinstein chairs. Brennan has faced bipartisan scrutiny, for his support for the drone program as well as his role in other controversial matters.

Currently, Brennan is being asked about the president’s authority to “lawfully” kill a U.S. citizen. A ridiculous question, not because it shouldn’t be asked, but because it even has to be asked. How the hell can a president lawfully murder a U.S. citizen, regardless of whether they are rapist, murderer, or lethal terrorist fanatic?

It has nothing to do whether such an act is moral, or even strategic for that matter. The U.S. Constitution forbids it. Case closed.

The Republicans better hit ‘em on this seemingly obvious fact.