Obama Press Conference: Gun Control Laws, Fiscal Cliff Talks

During a press conference Wednesday, Barack Obama outlined his plan for an executive gun law task force, giving Joe Biden free reign to administer it. Included under his directives are background checks for everyone and an initiative to remold the country’s mental health and gun control laws.

“This time words must lead to action,” Obama said from the White House, offering his directives in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut. “The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing.” The Wall Street Journal adds:

Mr. Obama’s call for background checks for all gun buyers would close a legal loophole, a move long sought by gun-control advocates and opposed by gun-rights backers. Currently, an individual can sell a weapon to another person, such as at a gun show, without a background check—which gun-control advocates say has allowed firearms to fall into the wrong hands.

The president also said he wants Congress to pass an assault-weapons ban to keep military-style guns off the streets.

It was one of the, if not the most, obnoxious Obama press conferences to date. Which, I suppose, isn’t all that notable, considering the President fears difficult questions from the press, and avoids such events like the Bubonic plague.

His typical strategy was implemented, that is, ramble for several minutes about the same old crap so he can keep the questions to a minimum. And, of course, he was in defense mode, whining about those evil Republicans when questioned about the fiscal cliff. It was five minutes of bitching about John Boehner, and how his “Republican friends” are not compromising over taxes.

While George W. Bush was far too liberal for me — at least, in terms of spending — I’ll give him props for his abstinence from incessant whining, unlike Barack Hussein Obama.