Rep. Bob Dold Pushes Bill to Protect Planned Parenthood Funding

I would say Rep. Bob Dold is a RINO thug, but that might be a little generous.  He’s a pro-choice Republican, who is pushing legislation to safeguard Planned Parenthood’s federal funding.

Consequently, Dold may have just bested his RINO cachet.  After all, even if you are a pro-abortion Republican, shouldn’t you oppose wasting taxpayer dollars?  If you’re a social liberal, as well as a fiscal liberal, that pretty much makes you, well, a liberal.  I may be oversimplifying, because to be honest, I haven’t meticulously scrutinized Mr. Dold’s record.  But those are two rather significant issues.

Dol told POLITICO he was the sole Republican to denounce the Planned Parenthood funding. And he pulled the whole “protect women’s healthcare” facade.

Seems like this schlub ran for the wrong party.