Occupy May Day Protests Off to a Slow Start

Apparently, the Occupy Wall Street movement’s so-called “Occupy May Day” protests are off to a slow start, as gatherings of protesters remain rather sparse around New York City and in other parts of the country.

Maybe they found jobs?  Eh, not likely.

There definition of “economic injustice” is quite skewed.  Economic injustice, at least, the way I see it, surely must involve high unemployment.  And discouraging businesses to hire — via skyrocketing tax rates — only inflates joblessness.

But Occupy’s purported solution to “economic justice” is to destroy “evil” corporations.  Which, well, would destroy millions of jobs, making the U.S. economy more “unjust.”  Anyway, moving on:

Evidently, their organization (or lack thereof) still sucks.