Eric Holder Addresses Detroit NAACP, Uses Zimmerman Case as a Prop

Eric Holder’s Sunday jaunt to the Detroit NAACP chapter was undoubtedly a campaign pit-stop for Obama, as the Attorney General touted the administration’s so-called dedication to civil rights.  Because racism remains a widespread problem in America, even though Americans elected a black president in 2008.  Hmm, a little delusory, maybe?

For his speech, Holder uses George Zimmerman as a political prop — and, of course, Trayvon Martin as a martyr for civil rights.  Naturally, the crowd goes wild.

“This (violence) is an issue that has -– rightly -– garnered significant national attention in recent months, as our nation has struggled to make sense of the tragic shooting death of a Florida teenager named Trayvon Martin,” Holder propagated. “As this case moves through the legal system, Justice Department officials will continue to communicate closely with state and local authorities to ensure that community concerns are heard, tensions are alleviated, and – as with every investigation at every level – appropriate actions are guided by the facts and the law.”

Of course, he wasn’t just pandering to the NAACP, to make them feel like they’re pushing some noble (or, more accurately, fictional) cause.  He also used the Detroit pit-stop to tout the Obama administration’s purported accomplishments for the black community — even if the black unemployment rate still exceeds 10 percent.

And Holder blames the “100-to-1 conviction disparity between cocaine and crack offenses.

Because not charging a black person with a pound of coke — explicitly because, well, he’s black — is an act of civil justice?