Biden Apologizes to Obama For Premature Gay Marriage Comments

Yeah, Joe Biden slipped, but it’s no surprise, because, well, gaffing is his trademark.  And one would only presume, Obama’s lamenting his 2008 Vice President pick.  He’s apologizing to Obama for endorsing gay marriage on Sunday’s program of “Meet the Press,” of course, before the President hailed his own support for it.

Obama suggested that Biden “probably got out a little bit over his skis” when commenting “out of a generosity of spirit.”

Over his skis?  Well, I’m assuming, Barack never intended to clarify his “evolving” views on the debacle in the first place.  It’s too politically polarizing.  And, especially with the oncoming election peering around the corner, he avoids polarizing issues like the Black Plague.

It’s his “I support both sides” stratagem.  The goal is to not lose votes, by well, supporting both sides of the issues.  It seems to work, until, that is, the American people wake up from their three-year coma.