… on a much-needed vacation to Las Vegas. It’s not a regular occurrence. Because I don’t get sick days. And I’m not the President of the United States. I’ll be back on Sunday… most likely with an empty wallet.

Cardinal Wuerl: Media Missed the Boat on Catholic Contraception Lawsuits

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the archbishop of Washington, is censuring the mainstream media for “missing the boat” by ignoring the, in my opinion, exceptionally newsworthy, lawsuits filed by Catholic institutions that challenge ObamaCare’s contentious contraception mandate. I hope Mr. Wuerl wasn’t banking on the mainstream media exploiting the fact that ObamaCare Continue Reading →

Attack Watch: Obama Truth Teams Back in Full Force

The Obama “Truth Teams” are back in full force, spreading a reelection propaganda campaign to squelch the so-called “lies” of Romney supporters and conservative proponents. Of course, these purported “lies” are generally unabashed statements of fact. Back in February, the Obama team launched its “Attack Watch” website, which was described Continue Reading →