White Man Jumped in Gainesville By Men Shouting “Trayvon”

Police in Gainesville, Florida are investigating a “racially motivated” attack Tuesday morning that directly stemmed from the Trayvon Martin shooting.  The story: Five to eight men beat up a 27-year-old white man, shouting out “Trayvon” before jumping him.

These thugs are walking double-standards.  They rail against the violence that resulted in Trayvon Martin’s death.  And call it racial.  And then they go out and beat a white guy senseless in the name of Trayvon — obviously, with racial motives.

We do believe that the crime was racially motivated,” a Gainesville Police spokeswoman asserted. She said the assaulters were black and that the victim was white. The man was beaten for a whole five minutes, and was left with cuts on his palms, a knee cap, and his left eye.

Funny, because they love to invoke Martin Luther King Jr. during these shenanigans.  Maybe it’s a reformed version of MLK’s peaceful protest ideology — something like, “peace through violence.”