Van Jones Says Occupy Wall Street Saved America

Mao-apologist Van Jones says Occupy Wall Street saved America – or specifically, the movement “saved the entire country from destruction.”  He’s advertising the “99% Spring,” which will inevitably flop — just like the Marxist crusade did last winter.

Specifically, this is what Obama’s former “green” propagandist had to say: “[The] Occupy movement pretty much saved the entire country from destruction… “Both political parties were barreling toward more austerity, more cutbacks, more pain for the people and more — basically both political parties had managed to converge on this idea of basically no rules for the rich, no rights for the poor, no middle class to speak of. That was basically the agenda, the question was just how much pain how fast.”

“Occupy Wall Street came on and completely disrupted the narrative,” he continued.  All the ‘austerity, austerity, cut, cut, cut’ stuff went away and suddenly even Republicans had to talk about income inequality and that whole theme. Occupy Wall Street really kind of, like, helped us to hit a reset in the country.”

Here’s the video:

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And this Maoist was an Obama “czar.”