Study: ObamaCare Will Add $340 Billion to National Deficit

ObamaCare was supposed to be — somehow — the limelight of cost control.  In reality, it’s the vanguard of deficit augmentation.  But the fact that Obama’s healthcare overhaul is projected to balloon the deficit by $340 billion is not some unforeseen bombshell.  It’s really just another budgetary blip that makes the whole debacle more and more cynical.

This is the revelation that comes from an Obama-approved GOP policy analyst.  The President’s nod of approval seems to have backfired.

Blahous acknowledged that his analysis departs from budget conventions, which… make sense for the most part. He said that in this case, however, those rules do not fully illuminate the financial impact of the health-care law, since they permit what conservative critics have dubbed a “double counting” of proposed Medicare savings.

In short, ObamaCare’s budget analysts doubled down on the savings, generating yet another federal accounting hoax.