Poll: ObamaCare Hearings Spike Supreme Court’s Approval Rating

Obama’s inane tactic of censuring the Supreme Court for not delivering him a thumbs-up approval for ObamaCare’s individual mandate is working.  But not for him.  At least, that’s what the latest Rasmussen poll indicates:

Just before the hearing on the constitutionality of Obama’s healthcare law, ratings for the U.S. Supreme Court plummeted to its lowest level ever measured by Rasmussen. Now, following the hearings, approval of the court has risen dramatically.

Forty-one percent of U.S. Voters now rate the approval of the Supreme Court as good or excellent. That’s 13 points up from 28 percent in March and is its highest ratings in more than two years.

This can only mean one thing: The American electorate is not down with Obama’s Soviet-style healthcare system.