Obama’s Threats to the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare Decision

Sticking their nose directly into a Supreme Court case is not especially common for a U.S. President.  But Obama doesn’t care, because ObamaCare is his baby.  It seems, however — and numerous Republicans see it this way — that he is trying to intimidate the Justices, largely by asserting that the possibility of ruling the law unconstitutional would be “unprecedented.”

First, Mitt Romney responds:

Republican Mitt Romney wondered if Obama was trying to intimidate the court, but added that “I don’t think that would work.”

“I also think it’s quite a curious turn of events to start complaining about an activist court,” Romney also told Fox News.

Texas Republican Lamar Smith expounded:

“I am very disappointed by our President,” Smith told FOX News Radio. “That comes very close to trying to intimidate the Supreme Court of the United States and I’m not sure that’s appropriate,” he added.

Smith said the nine justices should be able to reach a conclusion without the “interference” of the president.

“It is not unprecedented at all for the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutional, they do that on a regular basis so it’s not unprecedented at all,” Smith told FOX Radio. “What is unprecedented is for the President of the United States trying to intimidate the Supreme Court.

“He should not be in any shape, form threatening the Supreme Court and making statements that are inappropriate or deemed trying to intimidate the Supreme Court.”

Mr. Orrin Hatch and Nebraska Republican Mike Johanns echoed a similar sentiment.

How could SCOTUS not rule this law unconstitutional?  I know I’ve recited this countless times, but ObamaCare effectively forces the American people to purchase a product against their own will.  There’s nothing “unprecedented” about striking it down.