Obama’s Secretary Pays Higher Tax Rate Than Him

It’s pretty much the Warren Buffett, “I pay too little in taxes” charade.  Except, Obama isn’t broadcasting it this time, because it’s his secretary holding the spotlight.

Obama’s $800,000-income haul in 2011 puts him at a 20.5-percent tax rate, apparently placing his rate below his secretary’s, who earned less than $100,000 last year.  Of course, there’s a simple solution, but Mr. David Axelrod ain’t havin’ it.

A top campaign adviser to President Obama made clear Sunday that the president has no plans to chip in extra money from his own income to defray the deficit — and would insist that the tax system itself be changed so that the wealthy pay more.

So, only other people’s money.

Conveniently for the President, he doesn’t qualify for his own beloved “Buffett Rule.”  He was about $200,000 shy.