Obama on Jimmy Fallon Show: “Slow Jams” Student Loans

Obama’s courting the youth.  He’s selling student loans to young Americans, with rock-bottom interest rates.  And he’s, in a serious manner, of course, doing so on Jimmy Fallon’s show.  Because, evidently, the youngins aren’t watching C-SPAN or reading the papers.

Warning that the interest rates for student loans will ‘double,’ Obama warned that “some hard working students would be paying about $1000 extra just to get their education.”


“There are some in Congress disagree,” Obama afirmed. “They say that keeping the interest rate low isn’t a way to help our students.”

Populist-in-Chief.  I guess his Hollywood status is his only hope.  He’s got to win the uninformed.  Because the in-formed aren’t catching the bait.