Obama Continues “War on Women” Charade at White House Forum

The event was called “The White House Forum on Women and the Economy.”  And, I’m assuming, it involved a forum of women listening to President Obama gab about women’s role in the U.S. economy.

He’s still parading the “war on women” crusade.  You know, because the mirage presented that the Republican Party wants women to die — because they don’t have their birth control subsidized — will automatically secure him a second term.  It’s pretty sappy.  And ABC concurs.  I think.

In a much-publicized event at the White House, Obama… joined the fray again. As women from around the country crowded into an auditorium to hear Obama speak, the president told them they don’t amount to some “interest group” and that “you shouldn’t be treated that way.”…

He then pandered to them by reminding them he signed into law a bill that helps women get paid as much as men do for the same jobs, and that he appointed two women to the Supreme Court…


No, not political at all.