Mitt Romney to Obama: Election is About Jobs Not Dogs

Mitt Romney today cleverly pointed out that the 2012 election is not about anti-dog rhetoric.  Instead, it’s about jobs and the economy.  The debacle stems from a pissing match between the two campaigns — which Team Obama initiated.

Axelrod and his acolytes says Romney hates dogs because he strapped his family dog to the roof in a kennel during a trip from Boston to Canada.  It happened in 1983, some 30 years ago.  But the assertion kinda backfired, because it turns out that Obama is, in fact, a dog-eater.  It’s a pitiful, but rather entertaining, charade.

So Romney dishes out a little dose of reality:

This campaign is ultimately going to become about jobs not dogs,” Romney affirmed during an interview with Ohio’s WLW radio. “You recognize of course that some members of the media, and… the White house itself are going to do everything in their power to divert the attention of the voter from the failure of the president to try to turn around the economy.”…

I suppose Obama thinks the “Romney’s anti-dog” talking point will fog out the real problem, which is the economy.  I’m thinking it won’t.  But in his delicate political state, I guess anything’s worth trying.  It’s just oh-so painfully pathetic.