Jeffrey Neely and the GSA Training Conference Scandal

Apparently, the GSA’s lavish $800,000 Las Vegas conference in 2010 is not the first time the agency has pissed away an unconscionable sum of taxpayer dollars.  As if we couldn’t have surmised that ourselves.

It doesn’t take a Sherlock to cipher that Jeffrey Neely’s decision to schedule a clown show and mind reader for the 2010 taxpayer-funded training conference was his first misstep, or even his second or third.  However, it might be the first time he’s won a $9,000 performance bonus for the move.  But I still wouldn’t bet on it.

The only surprise, I guess, is that people actually defend the agency, asserting that the actions of Neely and his co-conspirators should not tar the overall perception of the federal government’s vast, ever-growing bureaucracy.

Then again, if Barack Obama can be elected President of the United States, I suppose anything is possible.