Jay Carney Press Conf: Hilary Rosen’s Comments About Ann Romney

The inevitable topic came up during Jay Carney’s White House press briefing today: What does Obama think about Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen’s insidious remarks towards Ann Romney?  In a nutshell, Rosen railed against Ms. Romney’s stay-at-home mom status, asserting that “she’s never worked a day in her life.”

Carney pleads ignorance.  And then attacks Republicans for their so-called “war on women.”

This is really getting old.

And apparently, he doesn’t know who Hilary Rosen is:

I haven’t seen the records. I don’t know that Hillary Rosen – I know three personally, women named Hillary Rosen,” Carney stated. “So I‘m not sure that those represent the person we’re talking about necessarily.”

He also added: “I don‘t know how man times she’s been here.… I don’t know how to assess her overall relationship to people here in the White House. I have not seen her here very frequently.”


First he says he doesn’t know who Rosen is.  And then he says he’s maybe seen her three times visiting the White House.  Considering the media frenzy, which has been slightly masked by the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin debacle, he should know who she is.

And by the way, Ms. Rosen has been logged visiting the White House a whopping 35 times.