GSA Las Vegas Conference Scandal: Jeffrey Neely Photos Released

The $800,000 Las Vegas training conference that scarred the Government Service Administration (GSA) with an embarrassing mark has spawned an ongoing saga.  The latest scandal involves Jeffrey Neely, a government official who is a frontrunner in the debacle, but decided to plead the fifth on extravagant expenses for taxpayer-subsidized hooplah such as mind readers and commemorative coins.

And Mr. Neely appeared to have a good time himself.  It’s tough being a government employee.  In a way, I suppose, the media is the public sector’s employer, because they are the only ones giving a damn, regardless of their motivations.  The bureaucrats let this crap slide — or, most likely, indulge in it themselves.

If it wasn’t for the IG’s report, this never would have gotten out.  But if it wasn’t for the media, the story never would have been exploited.  Believe it or not, sometimes the media can be an asset.

Anyhow, unfortunately for Neely, pleading the fifth isn’t going to work this time:

One picture even shows Neely shirtless and soaking in a tub with two glasses of what appear to be wine right next to him:

GSA Saga Continues: Photos Show Officials Enjoying Wine in Luxury Bathtubs Overlooking Vegas

According to ABC, the loft suites “have 2,400 square feet of space, two stories, multiple HD televisions and wet bars, and a going rate of $1,179 per night.  Flat suites have 1,440 square feet and cost $449-$599 per night.”

Like I said, government employees are managed by the media.

And, unfortunately, their shenanigans are subsidized by the taxpayer.

Update: Neely runs away from reporters after pleading the fifth.