Earth Day 2012: Global Warming, Environmental Statists Rejoice

Just about every web story reporting on Earth Day is published with the picture of a tree, which I find rather sappy.  Sorry, bad joke.  It’s worth the few chuckles though.

In case you forgot (not that I’m passing any judgement), today is Earth Day, the holiday when self-righteous greenies have fun being all self-righteous and stuff.

And, apparently, we are supposed to turn off our lights and televisions for the day.  Fat chance.

Earth Day organizers have called on people worldwide to pledge “one billion acts of green.”  Those pledges range from residents turning off lights in their homes, to using mass transit for travel to work, to eating locally grown food. …

What’s funny is, a good portion of these environmental do-gooders are going to be Facebooking and Tweeting about how they are abstaining from electronics for the day.

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but it just so happens that Vladimir Lenin’s birthday falls on Earth Day, which means he was born precisely 100 years since the first Earth Day was celebrated.