Chuck Schumer to Overturn Supreme Court’s Arizona Immigration Ruling?

Arizona’s contentious illegal immigration law is now toiling in the Supreme Court.  And, naturally, Obama’s beloved Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissents,  but that’s no surprise, considering she doesn’t understand the fundamentals of federal constitutional authority.  But she’s a minority (and, purportedly, “disabled“), so that means her one vote counts for two — especially because she’s a Hispanic minority.

If Sotomayor had it her way, all 50 states would be merged into one super-state, where the only existing government would be the federal government.  But she’s not the only one.

Chuck Schumer’s panties are balling up as well.  So he’s proposing to do away with the Judicial Branch — in pertaining to the immigration issue, that is — because he doesn’t agree with its presumptive ruling on the Arizona law.

Because the federal government is more efficient and harbors less bureaucracy, I presume.  And because the states’ rights debacle is so 19th century — just like freedom and weak central authority are so 18th century.