Paul Ryan Budget Plan Passes Republican House

The Republicans’ latest budget, led of course by Paul Ryan, passed through the House on Thursday.  It trims the deficit, which Obama and his Democratic acolytes aren’t going to like — you know, because skyrocketing deficits are so dandy.  Here are the details:

Republicans have pushed a $3.5 trillion budget through a polarizing House that features their plans for trimming federal deficits and contrasts with how President Barack Obama and Democrats would tackle the nation’s fiscal problems.

The plan, proposed by Paul Ryan, would revamp Medicare, slash programs such as food stamps and transportation, as well as reject the President’s call for higher taxes on the wealthy. It also collapses the six different income tax brackets into only two.

The House approved the measure with a 228-191 vote, largely along party lines.

The problem is, any budget with the words “food stamps,” “Medicare,” or “transportation,” in it, the Democratic-led Senate is going to axe — especially when there is an election coming up.