Newt Gingrich: Obama Should Fire Steven Chu Over Gas Prices Remark

Newt Gingrich says, “President Obama must announce today in his Nashua address that he is firing Secretary Chu and replacing him with a pro-American-energy appointment.”  And Newt Gingrich is correct.

This is largely in response to Chu’s obscene assertion that high gas prices are a good thing.

“If he doesn’t, then the American people will know the president is still committed to his radical ideology, which wants to artificially raise the cost of energy,” Mr. Gingrich added.

“Yesterday [Obama’s] secretary of anti-energy Dr. Chu literally testified in Congress that he did not favor lowering the price of gasoline, that they had no alternative policy to lower the price of gasoline and that his goal was to get us on to other things,” he continued.

Yeah, he actually did say that, just about verbatim.

“Dr. Chu is apparently a brilliant scientist,” said the former House Speaker. “I’m for allowing him to go back to science as rapidly as possible. In fact I suspect the American people would chip in to buy the airplane ticket later on today.”

Agreed.  But don’t forget Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, and several other taxpayer-backed solar companies that went bankrupt.  Taxpayers got a package deal with this guy.  But I suppose that’s a novel in itself.

While he’s at it, Obama should throw Eric Holder under the bus too — literally.