GM, UAW: Halting Chevy Volt Production is “Totally Normal”

GM says it’s not giving up on the Chevy Volt, despite halting production because the electric car has turned out to be a colossal failure — even after bathing in oodles of taxpayer-backed consumer subsidies.

Oh, but wait, it’s not a failure.  GM is just “realigning it’s inventory with market demand” — you know, because the Volt is selling so well.

But leave it to Talking Points Memo to back em’ up:

“The goal of seeding this technology is not only to enhance GM’s reputation for leadership, but to sell as many vehicles as we possibly can,” asserted Jim Cain, GM’s communications manager.

“We anticipate improvement in demand going forward,” affirmed Chris Lee, a spokesperson at GM. “We absolutely believe in this car. No doubt.”

So does Obama, wholeheartedly.  As does the UAW, naturally.

In the world of business, where a corporation must turn a profit to effectively produce a product — well, yes, halting production on a deadbeat product is “totally normal.”  So, I suppose the “sources” are correct on that point.

And, I also suppose, that whenever a modern company embraces the environmental rhetoric of the Obama administration, hundreds of workers get laid off.  So, in effect, this other guy or gal is also correct.  In regard to Obama-endorsed products, yes, you could say, this crap happens all the time.