Obama Visits South Carolina Boeing Plant that NLRB Sued

Having a U.S. President tout Boeing for its excellence in American manufacturing would be perfectly normal if Obama wasn’t residing in the White House.  In fact, considering his National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) nearly demolished the company’s South Carolina plant to appease his union proponents, it seems, well, rather anti-climactic.

“So this company is a great example of what American manufacturing can do in a way that nobody else in the world can do it,” Obama said.   “And the impact of your success, as I said, goes beyond the walls of this plant.  Every Dreamliner that rolls off the assembly line here in Everett supports thousands of jobs in different industries all across the country. Parts of the fuselage are manufactured in South Carolina and Kansas,” Obama added.

One second they are an oppressive, anti-labor corporation and now, they are a job creator.