Obama Says He Will Buy a Chevy Volt in Five Years

Obama says he plans to buy a Chevy Volt… in five years.  This is quite the assumption, considering he’s suggesting that he is going to be granted another four years in office.  Moreover, he’s assuming that GM will still be “selling” (I put that in quotes for a reason) a product that cannot even be sold with $10,000 consumer subsidies.

So that leads me to believe that the President’s declaration is nothing more than a political ploy to court Michigan voters — not that that takes a genius to figure out.

“I got to get inside a brand-new Chevy Volt fresh off the line,” he averred, “Secret Service wouldn’t let me drive it, but I liked sitting in it, it was nice, I bet it drives real good.”

And five years from now, when I’m not president anymore, I will buy one and drive it myself,” he added. “Four more years.”

Obama has spent the last three years being canvassed around in a plush limo.  Even when he loses his presidential post this year, I wouldn’t count on him driving a car that goes zero to sixty in 9 seconds.  Of course, I don’t see him riding in any vehicle where he’s not sitting in the back seat with ten wine glasses and enough room to play Twister.