Harry Reid Blasts Romney For Supporting “Extremists” Like Jan Brewer

As Republican voters flock to the polls today in Arizona and Michigan, Harry Reid asserted that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is an immigration “extremist.”  Omitting the immigration part of Reid’s wild allegation, he should be careful what he characterizes as “extremism” when nutjob Democrats are singing the praises of political radicalism.

After all, what does he consider Van Jones, a Mao Zedong apologist who touts the so-called Utopian idealogy of communism?

Oh, wait, no that’s completely normal.

And of course, taxpayer rights’ advocates are radical extremists too:

“I’m sorry to say that life support system that the Detroit auto industry was surviving on, Republicans wanted to pull the plug. One man who is now seeking the Republican nomination for president of the United States said, ‘We should kiss the automobile industry goodbye,’” Mr. Reid asserte

“He called the death of American auto manufacturers ‘virtually guaranteed,’ another direct quote. And so he argued we should just let Detroit go bankrupt,” Reid continued.  “But he wasn’t alone. Republicans in this chamber agreed, many of them agreed, Democrats weren’t willing to  give up on American manufacturing” and manufacturing jobs.

Liberals use “bankruptcy” as political ammo to attack taxpayer rights’ advocates.  But either they don’t understand what happens when a company goes bankrupt or they are simply using Chrysler and GM as a Fascist propaganda campaign.

Letting these union-infested companies undergo bankruptcy proceedings hardly means the “death of the automobile industry.”

I had fewer drama queens in my sixteen years of schooling than we now have in Congress and the White House.