Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” Strategy to Create Healthcare Jobs?

As if Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” strategy is not nonsensical enough, the President will announce today another absurd effort in “creating jobs” - in what is yet another blatant abuse of executive authority.  The White House, through its run-around Congress stratagem, plans to fork out $1 billion to ignite employment in the healthcare sector.  Umm, why?

Regardless of the federal government’s flailing attempts at stirring job growth in the private sector, why the hell would you focus on a sector of the economy that is flourishing on its own?  While the skyrocketing costs of healthcare are not so healthy for the patient, they are exceptionally healthy for the healthcare employee.

Of course, thanks to the government’s commanding hand in generating a distorted 3rd party pay system – while tacking on government entitlement programs – I guess you can give some credit to the bureaucrats in Washington.  However, patients who actually have to pay for their medical care, and insurance providers who have to fork out massive sums in medical claims, the government’s contributions are in fact misgivings.