Is Newt Gingrich a Lobbyist?

Is Newt Gingrich a lobbyist?  That, of course, is the question of the day, as various media outlets have seemingly exposed the former House Speaker for actions that surely could be construed as lobbyism.  The New York Times reports: In a variety of instances… Mr. Gingrich arranged meetings between executives and Continue Reading →

Chris Christie Rails Obama: What Are We Paying You For?

The outspoken, no-holds-barred Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie railed into Obama and both houses of the legislature during a press conference yesterday.  The highlight: President Obama, “What the hell are we paying you for?” Here’s the clip: There’s a reason this man is beloved by the conservative electorate.

Herman Cain Releases 9-9-9 Movie Trailer Ad

It has been a challenging month for the Herman Cain campaign, as the former CEO of Godfather’s pizza has seen his poll numbers drop sharply, allegedly due to sexual harassment charges and embarrassing fumbles over foreign policy questions. To combat his campaigning adversity, the Cain train released the movie trailer Continue Reading →