Michelle Obama Flashes Over $42,000 in Diamond Bracelets

Michelle Obama, the most glamorous of all U.S. First Ladies, dazzled the crowd at a DNC fundraiser Tuesday night wearing over $42,000 worth of diamond bracelets ($42,150 to be precise).  Designed by Katie Decker, a 23-year-old Texas-based jeweller, the First Lady sported some serious bling:

Correction: The bracelets were borrowed.

Check out this endorsement.

Joking aside: The First Lady joked with the audience as her wrist dripped with the Katie Decker designs. The jeweller may see her career soar after the endorsement

She might as well change her name to Simon Cowell and slightly turn her hand every time she takes a sip of Coca-Cola (Ahem, I mean Pepsi).