New Comic Book: ‘Captain Israel’ Vs. ‘Foreskin Man’

So who do you think would win in a battle royale between Captain Israel and Foreskin Man?  Well, apparently Arlen Schumer does, as his new comic book consists of the Israeli version of Captain America and well, I don’t know what Foreskin Man is a version of.  But if I had to take a guess, maybe the Hulk.

I must have missed this, but apparently back in June author Matthew Hess created Foreskin Man – who was also the author of the now-defunct San Francisco circumcision ban.  The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Hess and his comic-book sensation:

[Hess']…website, — which pushes “a bill to end male genital mutilation in the United States” – also pushes his literature and merchandise starring “Foreskin Man”…

Schumer took issue with Hess and his Foreskin Man comics, as he expressed in an interview with Jewish Ledger’s Cindy Mindell:

“By using classic antisemitic caricatures, by turning the mohel into a monster, the anti-circumcision group makes the ritual seem devilish,” says Arlen Schumer, a Westport-based comic-book historian, commercial illustrator, and creator of Jewish superhero Captain Israel, currently being published in a comic-book series by L.A.-based Israel advocacy group, StandWithUs.

Sounds like a pretty tough fight, and something tells me it won’t be a clean cut match (circumcision joke if you didn’t catch it).

But if I had to pick one, I’m betting on Captain Israel.