Obamacare Glitch: Middle-Class Food Stamps

The thousand-page Obamacare bill has a glitch.  Surprised?  Millions of middle-class Americans could be able to get free insurance that is meant for the poor.  With Obama’s massive healthcare overhaul, early retiree married couples – ahem, bring on the baby boomers – making $64,000 a year, will be eligible for Medicaid, said officials from the Health and Human Services department.

The result?  By 2014, 3 million more people will qualify for Medicaid.  Health and Human Services officials say they are “exploring options to address this issue.”  But it’s more than just an “issue”; it’s a nightmare that will further the massive entitlement dilemma – one that is sinking our country into a downward fiscal spiral.

So that’s great.  Obamacare is now passing out middle-class food stamps.