WikiLeaks: U.S. Ambassador Promotes North American Union

A top secret document released by WikiLeaks has unveiled a plan from a high level U.S. ambassador to pursue the creation of a North American Union, a merger of Canada, Mexico, and the United States.  A North American Union is designed to rival the European Union, emphasizing a common currency, an integrated consumer and labor market, and “mutually beneficial” borders.

Americans for Legal Immigration reported:

The secret documents reveal a well developed plan that advocates secrecy, an incremental approach as not to alarm the public. The document clearly states, that the plan is to prevent US efforts to protect citizens from terrorism or disease from interfering with commerce and other financial interests. The documents also advocate that promotion of this plan focus on “individual firms, industries or travelers, and especially consumers” instead of the nations as a whole.

The idea for NAU advocates, as it was with the European Union, is to slowly nudge the United States into border integration, and to implement it without divulging too much information (hence, the “secrecy” of the WikiLeaks document).  This is precisely what happened in Europe: European governments silently conversed among themselves while conveying to the public that a regional union would help stimulate job growth and promote economic development.

“It is conspiracy, but it is no theory,” asserted William Gheen of ALIPAC. “These traitors are trying to conceal their plans, but they are out in the open now. They are trying to force an economic union on America that is not ratified by the US Congress, not authorized by the US Constitution, and not approved of by the American public. This plan is being facilitated by the nonenforcement of our existing immigration and border laws.”

But regional “integration” in fact means American “disintegration,” said Gheen, meaning fusing Mexican and Canadian markets would not be mutually beneficial.  This is particularly true of Mexico, as its economy isn’t anywhere near as strong as the United States’.  A North American Union would simply bring in an influx of even more foreign workers, meaning less jobs for Americans.

Last time I checked the unemployment rate was still hovering around 9 percent.  Gorging the labor force with more workers – foreign workers, nonetheless – is just downright absurd.